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sa astepti orice. sa astepti oricat. sa stii ca orice asteptare e provizorie...

...chiar daca dureaza toata viata

:: not-so-emo kid <3 photo-realistic beaver ::
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The girl 3 metres above the sky

Ithen (real-life alias: Mia)
16 year old Leo
Highschool Student (Bilingual Romanian/English Mathematics & IT)
Starting writer, aspiring future architect and designer, incurable day-dreamer
Occasional HTML fangirl, Photoshop addict, fandom stalker and bookworm
Self-proclaimed greatest Nichita Stanescu admirer and a great poetry fan
Lush products maniac and open-hearted, hopeless and lost romantic


bob- her purple dyed strand of hair (ok, it's a work in progress)
spermy- her Nokia N73 cell phone
Eeyore/emo donkey- her plush toy version of Eeyore from Whinnie the Pooh
Lelouch- her black nano iPod
Pon- her English Oxford edition Thesaurus dictionary [named after the amusing emo blobs she adores]
Zi- her English-to-English Oxford edition dictionary [named after the amusing emo blobs she adores]
Caine- her plush toy fluff-dog

The book of 1000 thoughts

This journal was created on 2003-12-21 12:18:52. In the time that has come to pass, it's become friends only, for various reasons. That, however, doesn't mean new friends aren't welcome. If, by some crazy chance, you're interested in this LJ and in what I have to say, you're pretty much welcome to leave a comment here and, I'll most likely add you back, unless I have a very good reason not to. Either way, you'll know.
I post poems/stories/icons from different fandoms in this journal as well, but it's good to know from the very start that this IS, no matter what, my personal journal. So 90% of the entries you'll find here are, unfortunately, centered around my RL and what I'm going through in different moments. If you know you won't be interested in reading about the woes of a teenage Romanian (and I don't blame you for it!), please don't friend. I don't want to sound unwelcoming, but I've had past experiences with complaints about the fact that I post pretty much things going on with me more than creative works.
You can also find me on Facebook.
Other than that, I promise I won't bite (and if I do, I've had my shots taken!)


Notes/Credits: Top first column picture courtesy of Ruby Gloom website
Bottom first column picture of girl (me)
Middle second column picture courtesy of Kurt Halsey website
Bottom second column picture courtesy of Pon and Zi gallery; art by azuzephre (Jeff Thomas)
LJ profile Loveless header made by insomnikat
Moodtheme courtesy of shoegal_icons; art by Kurt Halsey
Username meaning: The approximately accurate translation to Japanese of "love of/for destiny/fate", thanks to mr_alpha

Authors (favourites): Alain de Botton, Audrey Niffeneger, Camil Petrescu, Edward Rutherfurd, Frank Herbert, Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Graham Greene, Haruki Murakami, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, John Fowles, Liviu Rebreanu, Michael Cunningham, Mircea Eliade, Mitch Albom, Nichita Stanescu, Oscar Wilde, Rainer Maria Rilke, Ryu Murakami, Terry Pratchett;

Books (favourites): A Vision of Feelings, The Aim of Love, Almost Transparent Blue, The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents, At the Gypsy Women, The Autumn of the Patriarch, Coin Locker Babies, The Collector, The Discworld series, Doctor Honingberger's Secret, Dune, The End of the Affair, Epica Magna, Essays on Love, The Five People you meet in Heaven, The Forest of the Hanged, The Hours, Imperfect Works, Isabel and the waters of the devil, Kafka on the Shore, Knots and Marks, The last night of love, the first night of war, London, Love in the time of Cholera, The Magus, Maitreyi, Miss Christina, Norwegian Wood, The Novel of the Nearsighted Adolescent, Of love and other demons, One Hundred Years of Solitude, The Portrait of Dorian Grey, Procrustes' Bed, The Right to Time, The Sorrows of Young Werther, The Time Traveler's Wife, The Unwords, Wedding in Heaven, 11 Elegies, 19 Roses;

Music: Aerosmith, The All-American Rejects, Amy Winehouse, Aqualung, Arctic Monkeys, Athlete, Blink 182, Coldplay, Damien Rice, Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab for Cutie, Depeche Mode, Editors, Eels, Fall out Boy, Feeder, The Feeling, The Fray, From Autumn to Ashes, Goo Goo Dolls, Guano Apes, Guns n' Roses, Hawthorne Heights, Hoobastank, Joe Dassin, Kaiser Chiefs, Katie Melua, Keane, Luna Amara, Maroon 5, Mika, Moby, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Nickleback, Oasis, Paolo Nutini, Pink Floyd, Placebo, Plain White T's, Radiohead, Reamonn, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M., Snow Patrol, Sunrise Avenue, Thom Yorke, Travis, Urma, U2, Vame Veche, The Verve, Vita de Vie, 30 Seconds to Mars;

RPGs: Souls

Sin and Tragedy

Sports&Players: Tennis (Men)-- Rafael Nadal [Spain]
Snooker-- Ronnie O'Sullivan [Ireland] :: Judd Trump [England]
Figure Skating (Men)-- Brian Joubert [France] :: Andrei Lutai [Russia] :: Johnny Weir [USA]
Figure Skating (Women)-- Shizuka Arakawa [Japan]
Football-- Zinedine Zidane [France, retired] :: David Beckham [UK/United States] :: Jens Lehman [Germany/UK] // ::Team:: Liverpool

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